Love Sent from the Lovesick – EP
Rachel Reale


Electric Guitar, Bass, Additional Keyboards, Mixing and Master

I Only Hate Myself Around You
Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Additional Keyboards, Mixing and Master

California Dreamin!
Additional Drum Programming, Mixing and Master

The World Will Keep Turning  |  Helios
Mixing and Master

Promotional Minigames

Website, Minigames & Activities

Mini- and Micro-games
  • Ballistiks Blast Off
  • Battle Force 5: Red Sentient Strike
  • Battle Force 5: Shatterbolt Siege
  • Battle Force 5: SmashClaw Escape
  • Battle Force 5: Sonic Swarm
  • Battle Force 5: StormShock Attack
  • Code Car Chaos
  • Team Hot Wheels: Boost Blaster
  • Team Hot Wheels: Click, Click, Go-Boom!
  • Team Hot Wheels: Don’t Ding the Car
  • Team Hot Wheels: Get Your Drift On
  • Team Hot Wheels: Jumbo Stunt Jump
  • Team Hot Wheels: Mega Boost Blaster
  • Team Hot Wheels: Operation Photo Bomb
  • Team Hot Wheels: World Record Smash

Minigame & Activities
  •  Fear-a-mid
  •  Monster Mail eCard Creator
  • Teen Scream eMagazine

Adventures in Pollyville Minigames (2013)
  • Lila’s Birthday Pizza Party
  • Market Bonanza
  • My Slumber Party
  • Pet Shop Volunteer Day
  • Salon Makeover
  • Splashy Pool BBQ

Website, Minigames & iOS Apps

Music Remixes & SFX Editing
  • Skylanders Giants: Block Fu
  • Skylanders Giants: Dread Yacht Defenders
  • Skylanders Swap Force: Sneak Attack
  • Skylanders Swap Force: Skyline Speeder

Web Cartoons and Other Productions